Fashion Jewelry Hacks for All



This guide is meant for you, if you are into learning new things about fashion jewelry hacks. Your jewelry needs help and care too, this guide is good for you. You will not just learn how to take care of your jewelry today but tomorrow but as well as a lifetime guarantee of storing and keeping them right.

Here is a list of shortcuts for taking care of your jewelry.

1.Ketchup for Sterling Silver. Cleaning your sterling silver nickelfree jewelry with ketchup is the best hack that you can get here. Just dip your sterling silver rings into a bowl of half full of ketchup for an hour. Rinse it after with water and brush it with your soft toothbrush. The end result is that your sterling silver will look new again.

2.Water + Soap Combination. Your gold-plated jewelry is easily cleaned by this unique and simple combination of water and soap solution. No need to buy any kind of strong cleansing solutions. Just a cup of water mixed with soap is all you need, and don’t forget your toothbrush. You will more time for other things, because it is easier to clean your jewelry this time.

3.Petroleum Jelly for Itchy Feelings. It is now problem-free for those individuals who are with sensitive skin, skin rashes or itchiness for a long period of time wearing their pendants or earrings. All you needed to do is cover your earrings and pendants, those parts that are affecting your skin and ears. Learn more about jewelry at

4.Pill Cases and Plastic Wrappers for Storage. If you are always on the go and travelling a lot, using a pill case to store your jewelry is the thing that you can bring. Not just it stores well your earrings, but it also designates what earrings to wear for each day of the week. Your sterling silver will now be safe from getting tarnished with the help of this trick of using plastic wrappers with zip locking style for storage. Your sterling silvers are now safe from getting tarnished, with the help of silica gel bag added in the plastic wrapper.

5.Straw or Stick Glue for Oversized Rings. For oversized rings, you can solve it with a use of a ring guard. Just cut a piece of a straw and create a slit. Place the piece and hooking it on the back of your ring. That’s it! Another way to make a ring guard is to use a glue gun. Put some glue on a clean surface. Make sure to include the inside of the ring to get glue when you dip it into while it is still soft. Fasten the glue in a way you form a shape around the ring. You can actually remove the glue easily and it doesn’t ruin your jewelry.

6.Choose Silver. How can you choose the safest hypoalergenic jewelry for sensitive skins? To avoid skin rashes, choose sterling silver jewelry.

Short but meaty is this jewelry hacks for you.


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